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Mission Statement:

The New Faith Christian Church is a fellowship of believers that purpose to know God through a personal relationship with God with Jesus Christ, and to equip believers through discipleship. Dedicated to evangelizing the lost and the perfecting of faith among the people of God. To activate the pure worship of a generation and to rebuild the trust in the faith community.

Certainly, it is every church's mission to follow the Great Commission as outlined in Matthew's Gospel. However, it is our full mission and intention to strategically win back this current generation that has been entrapped by the enemy. It is our aim to restore their faith in the Church and give them a reason to place Christ at the head of their lives. It is further our goal to create a place where people who have been cast away by society can find refuge and find the merciful hand of God. It is our mission to give a home to the misfits, the broken, the castaways, and the people that have been deemed as just weird. We want to ensure them that there is a place for them within God's kingdom. 

Our Five Pillars






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